Major and Minor Behaviors

Sikeston Kindergarten and Early Childhood Center


Major and Minor Behaviors



  • Forcefully hitting, physically fighting
  • Disrespectful to adults
  • Biting (breaking skin, leaving mark, doing intentionally)
  • Cursing and profanity aimed at adults
  • Repeated defiance
  • Threats
  • Weapons
  • Bullying-severe, continues
  • Stealing
  • Destruction of property (severity)
  • Loud/Repetitive disruptions-continuous


  • Name Calling
  • Pushing, pulling, shoving
  • Cursing (not aimed at anyone, not used appropriately)
  • Not doing work
  • Not listening or following directions
  • Not keeping hands to self (no one hurt)
  • Class Disruption
  • Not sitting still