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Discipline Plan

Discipline Plan


The Kindergarten Center has implemented a behavior program, School-Wide Positive Behavior System, (SW-PBS).  In our classroom, we will be using a confidential behavior record.  I can track behaviors and help the students make good choices using their behavior record.

Every day is a fresh start for each student. Classroom expectations as taught at the beginning of the year will be used as a guideline for behavior. Each month a behavior calendar will be placed in your child’s important paper folder. If your child had difficulty in following the classroom expectations, I will make note of which expectation (number) they need to work on for that date. Any other information you made need regarding their behavior will be noted on that date on their behavior calendar. This includes having an exceptional day. Please review the behavior calendar with your child every evening, initial in the box for that date, and return folder to school each morning.

 Throughout the day, if a child makes a poor behavior choice, I will make note on their behavior record and discuss expectations with that child privately. If the behavior continues, the child may face appropriate consequences such as: missing some recess to review the expectation they are working on, contacting parent, or sending home a minor form.

P.U.P. bones can also be earned throughout the day by getting caught making good behavior choices.  My focus is to catch the students following the classroom expectations and reward them in a positive manner and not call attention to misbehavior.  That will be done in private, not publicly in the class.

The P.U.P. bones earned are kept in a pocket chart and are counted at the end of each week. The number of P.U.P. bones earned for a week will be written on the behavior calendar. At the end of the week, I will write the grand total for the week. The students who receive a set number of P.U.P. bones for a week will receive a special treat.

At the end of the month, the P.U.P. bones totals will be added up and the students will be able to “spend” their bones at the P.U.P. Store.  Student can use their bones they have accumulated over the course of a month, to “purchase” items from the P.U.P. Store.



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