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Discipline Plan

Discipline Plan



The Kindergarten Center has implemented a behavior program, School-Wide Positive Behavior System, (SW-PBS). We will be using Class Dojo as our classroom management tracker for the year. Class Dojo is an awesome tool to encourage working together, responsibility, and being prepared. It is an easy way to instantly see your student’s behavior in class. Students will be rewarded points for displaying their awesome behavior. You will also be able to see the skills they need to work on.

Classroom expectations as taught at the beginning of the year will be used as a guideline for behavior. Throughout the day, if a child makes a poor behavior choice, I will make note of it in Dojo and discuss expectations with that child privately. If the behavior continues, the child may face appropriate consequences such as: missing some recess to review the expectation they are working on, contacting parent, or sending home a minor form.

My focus is to catch the students following the classroom expectations and reward them in a positive manner and not call attention to misbehavior.  That will be done in private, not publicly in the class.

Class Dojo points will be tracked each week. When your student earns 100 Dojo points, they will be able to choose a prize (extra technology time, drawing/craft time, puzzles, play with toys, etc.). 



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