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Discipline Plan


The Kindergarten Center has implemented a behavior program, School-Wide Positive Behavior System, (SW-PBS).  In our classroom, we will be using a positive clip chart behavior management system. 

What kind of day did my child have?

How will the behavior calendar be marked?

I am being a ROLE MODEL to others.


I am making GOOD choices.


I am doing my BEST to learn.


I can make BETTER choices.

Number and letter of the behavior(s) the child needs to practice/review

I can TALK about my behaviors.

Number and letter of the behavior(s) the child needs to practice/review.

Also may need to visit with Ms. Hobeck in the office or call home to talk to parents.


Each student begins the day on I am doing my BEST to learn.  The goal is to start on this behavior and to move up to one of the areas above and earn PUP bones for making good behavior choices.  Throughout the day, if a child makes a poor behavior choice, his/her clip will be moved down to the I can make BETTER choices. The moved clip does not mean the child is in trouble.  It is a reminder for me, the teacher, to have a brief, private conference with child about his/her poor behavior choice(s).  I will review the appropriate behavior and give the child a chance to practice.  Then the child’s clip is moved back to the large paw print.  I will also keep notes on behavior on a clipboard in my classroom, so I can track behaviors and help the students make good choices.


At the end of the day, I will mark the students’ behavior calendars which are kept in their Important Paper Folder.  I will mark the calendars with a happy face or the number and letter of the behavior the student needs to practice.

Below I have listed the behaviors listed on their calendars:

1.  Polite

I will work on:

   a.  raising my hand for help

   b.  following the rules

   c.   ears listening/eyes watching 

   d.  working quietly

    e.   being a good friend

2.  Understanding & Making Good Choices

I will work on:

   a.  doing my work

   b.  lining up when called

   c.  following the directions

   d.  opening my own milk carton

     e.  cleaning my area

3.  Play & Work Safely

I will work on:

   a.  nice hands/nice feet

   b.  following  hallway rules

    c.  walking feet

    d.  sitting on my bottom

    e.  keeping the woodchips on the


    f. sitting on my bottom on the

        swings and slides



If a child is having trouble keeping his/her feet to themselves, then I would mark the calendar 3a (Play and Work Safely – nice hands/nice feet)

P.U.P. bones can also be earned throughout the day by getting caught making good behavior choices.  My focus is to catch the students following the classroom expectations and reward them in a positive manner and not call attention to misbehavior.  That will be done in private, not publicly in the class.

The P.U.P. bones earned are kept in a pocket chart and are counted at the end of each day. The number of P.U.P. bones earned for a day will be written on the behavior calendar. The students who receive a set number of P.U.P. bones for a week will receive a special treat.

At the end of the month, the P.U.P. bones totals will be added up and the students will be able to “spend” their bones at the P.U.P. Store.  For example, if a student accumulates 45 bones over the course of a month, he/she can “purchase” items from the P.U.P. Store totaling that amount.



Ms. Hodges