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Alternative Learning Instruction

for Kindergarten

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Alternative Learning 

for Pre-K

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Teacher’s office hours will be Monday through Friday 1:00 pm - 3 pm.  They are setting that time aside for any assistance that you might need during the school closure.  Please refer to your students teacher for best practices for communication.

Any questions regarding online learning please contact your students’ teacher, or email Sarah Carbaugh at




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Pick up personal items for students:

Thurs, May 14     3pm-5pm

Friday, May 15   8am-10am

You can pull in car line, stay in line and we will bring items to you. Not all classrooms may have student items to pick up.  You can call ahead of time and ask 471-0653. These items may be blankets and pillows for preschool or student work, clothes etc. 




Library Books can be dropped off in the big wooden pup house out front the Kindergarten.


Meal Distribution Update

Starting week of April 20th we are adding week end meals schedule is as follows:

Monday-2 Days of Meals

Tuesday-no meals service

Wednesday-2 Days of Meals

Thursday-no meal service

Friday-3 days of meals and back pack food while supplies last

 This will be the schedule through May 15

Serving time will be 10 am to 12 noon

Distribution Sites will be the same:


Lee Hunter

High School

Alternative School

Transportation will continue to run vans to shut-ins and daycares






Call and make your appointment for Kindergarten Screening for students who will be starting Kindergarten 2020-2021 school year.


July 13-16

Mon. July 13   8:00 am-4 pm

Tue. July 14 10:00 am-6 pm

Wed. July 15 8:00 am-4 pm

Thur. July 16 8:00 am-12 pm






All other events have been canceled due to school closure because of COVID-19. 





Bus Driver of the Month













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Mrs. Crook’s Kdg Class


Miss Amy Jo’s ECE Class Room

First Quarter Outstanding Parent Winners








PeachJar Flyers

Peachjar Flyers

Contact Information

Sikeston Kindergarten and Early Childhood Center
1310 E Salcedo Road
Sikeston, Missouri 63801
Phone: 573-471-0653
Fax: 573-471-0654

Kindergarten & ECE Calendar

Today's Events

Bullying Incident Form

Things to Know

smiley We are a Title One School. We provide supplemental services to all children in the school so that they may reach high educational standards.  In Preschool we focus heavily on language and vocabulary based activities.  In Kindergarten we provide additional Reading and Math services to those students demonstrating the need.  Our Title One Schoolwide Compliance Plan is available if you would like a copy contact our office.  

smiley Parent Involvement is very important in our school!!  If you would like to volunteer at the school please contact the office to set up an appointment for the training.  Please communicate with your child’s teacher about any concerns or questions you may have.  We believe in working together!

smiley  School Begins at 8:45 AM and dismisses at 3:45 PM.  Students may be dropped off beginning at 8:00 AM

smiley If you have changed your phone number/address recently please let the school know so that we may update our records. 

smiley Transportation changes-Please come in to the office to make any transportation changes.  We need 24 hour notice to make changes for Kindergarten and ECE students.  Do to the nature of door to door drop off we will not make day to day changes.  

smileyAbsences-Please call the school each day a student is absent 8:45 AM

smileyKindergarten students need to wear bus/car tags the first three weeks of school.

smileyECE students need to wear their bus/card tags everyday all year 

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