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Keri Wren-Braswell-ECSE

Mrs. Keri Beth Wren-Braswell and Mrs. Katie McMillen 

Sikeston Kindergarten Preschool Room 18

Where the fun begins!

Our Class

‚Äč* Social and emotional developmental is an important part of a child’s overall learning.  Social and emotional health is a child’s growing abilty to express feelings in healthy ways, develop close relationships with others, explore their surroundings, show curiosity and interest in the the world.  Developing social and emotional health in the early years is critical and prepares children for school and life.     

Class Rules

*We will have nice mouth, hands and feet (no biting, hitting, pinching, slapping, pulling hair, kicking

*We roll balls inside with the exception of a small ball and when playing with velcro catching mitts or the beach ball that has handles. 

*We will not climb on tables or shelves

*We will listen and follow directions with minimal prompts and reminders

*We will take turns with toys. If need be we will have a timer set to let others know when it is time to share


Discipline Procedures

**If rules are broken we will sit in time out. When needed the child may be placed in a teacher's lap during time out, to help them sit during their timeout

**While sitting with the student, we will explain to them why he/she has to sit in time out. The student should be sat down in time out and explained what they did wrong before and after time out is over. Explain to the student what he or she should has done and remind them they are smart and the appropriate way to act.

**They sit year to minute ratio. For example, 3 years of age equals 3 minutes of time out


Keri Wren

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