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Classroom Discipline Information

Classroom Discipline Information

*We use two types of discipline in our class. They are Time-Out and Positive Rewards.

*Time-Out: Students are taught how to handle what to do when they are stressed and upset. When students get angry or frustrated, they are put in Time-Out in the Calming area where they can rest or quietly read or work a puzzle. After they have calm down, no more than 10 minutes, they are brought back to the activity.

*Positive Rewards: When students complete a request or activity, they can receive a reward (such as an eatable, sticker, high-five, etc.) or free time.

*Snacks and recess will not be taken away as punishment unless discussed with parent first.

*If a student becomes physically aggressive, either Ms. Hobeck or Ms. Carbaugh will be notified and will help remove the student from the room or help in calming the student inside the room.