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Discipline Policy

Dear Families,


          In our classroom, we will be talking a lot about behavior.  Most of you will begin to hear your child talk about getting “bones” from me and other staff once school starts. Those bones are given as a part of our PBS Program this year. They earn bones for following the PUP rules.  However, in my classroom, we also have a behavior continuum chart.  Each student has a clip starting out on green (ready to learn).  Depending on their behavior they can move up or down on the chart.  If a student is making smart choices, following directions, working quietly, etc. they will move up to blue (Great Job).  If this behavior continues throughout the day they can move to purple (Outstanding)!  However, if a student chooses to not follow directions he or she may have to move to yellow (think time).  This means that we talk about the behavior and how to improve.  If a student continues to have trouble he or she may move down again to orange (logical consequence).  That child may or may not have to miss recess, clean their area, sit in the time out chair, etc.  The consequence will fit the behavior of the student.  Lastly, if a child is still having trouble after being on orange, he or she may move to red (parent contact).  At this time I will contact the parent.  After the parent is contacted and if the behavior persists, the child will receive a minor.  A minor is a sheet of paper that will explain the reasoning of why the child got in trouble.  The minor will come home in the child’s folder and you and the child will need to sign and date the sheet and send back to school.  If the child receives 4 minors it becomes a major and the child will go to Ms. Hobeck’s office.  She may decide if that child needs a warning or a discipline referral needs to be written.  If you have any questions on discipline or would like to meet with me, please feel free to contact me. 



Text Box:                                                                               Thank you,

                                                                                 Mrs. Gilbert